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Music archive!

All content you will find below are produced by me, John Ekström a.k.a Northtribe. They are divided into three sections. The first section (Ostendo) consists of my music from the years 2009 and 2010. The second section (New Era) consists of my music from the year 2001 until 2008. The third part (Nostalgia) consists of my oldest music from the year 1997 to 2000.


Ostendo is where my alter ego is today. I have evolved and learned a lot since I first started out with my first song. I have used many pseudonyms for different occasions and music genres. Today my music is so mixed with various different genres all together that I gave up putting labels on my tunes.


      1. Clockwork

      2. Nifelheim

      3. Nangijala

      4. Carly Comando's Everyday

      5. Askja


      6. Departure

      7. Subtropical Ridge

      8. Rhythmic Polar Bear

      9. Somewhere In Tallinn


      10. Perfection

      11. Finally There

      12. Eowyn

      13. Playhouse

New Era

The New Era was an important time for me as a musician. FasttrackerII was a great program but it had its limits and I needed something more. Reason1.0 was released in the end of 2000. A friend introduced me to this program and eventually I got used to the differences between this program and FT2. During the New Era I divided all my music into three major sections. I did that to separate all of my different sounds. In the Natun project I mainly made melodic dance music inspired by modern trance and house music. The Northtribe project was aimed at the more underground sound of trance, such as progressive and psychedelic trance with a bit of tribal influenced sounds. The third project was Enzyme where I gathered every piece of work that I considered to be experimental for my part.


      14. Vision

      15. Colours

      16. A Fable Story

      17. The Many Desires Of Duke Edward

      18. The Longing

      19. Swan Lake

      20. Dancing Elders

      21. Deep Down

      22. Landscapes (Intro Version)

      23. Fluffy Clouds

      24. Nostalgia

      25. Beyond Serenity

      26. Stripped

      27. Winter Chill

      28. Tsubasa No Kami

      29. Constant Movement

      30. Inner Journey

      31. Andact (Northtribe Remix) *

      32. Solsticle


      33. Silent Dreams (2004 edit)

      34. Caligatio

      35. Venus

      36. Tripudio

      37. Via Lactea

      38. Behind The Cellerdoor

      39. Skogsdunklet

      40. A Flaw In The Sound

      41. Ambivalence

      42. Kojo No Tsuki (Northtribe Remix) *

      43. Landscapes

      44. Flying

      45. Twilights

      46. Solar Winds (Northtribe Remix) *

      47. Brinstar In Distortion (Metroid)

      48. Blue Whale


      49. Overfly

      50. Dust

      51. Noisy Speakers

      52. Zumo De Naranga

      53. Time Travel

      54. Land Of Ice

      55. Aurora Borealis

      56. Frozen Moon

      57. Rainforest

      58. Fighting The Enemy (Zelda 2)

      59. Mysterious Lake (Shadowgate)

      60. Orchestral Minds

      61. Beginning Of Natun

      62. Life Within

Andact, original by Andreas Viklund
Kojo No Tsuki, original by Sublunar
Solar Winds, original by Neuroshape


When I started composing my own music I started with a music program called FasttrackerII. I used this program for almost four years, but unfortunatly this program was very limited and I had to replace it with more professional programs so that I could evolve as a musician. Still some of my best songs were made in that program. Some pseudonyms I used during this time were Cream and later on Pisces.


      63. A New Era

      64. Cosmic Fairytale

      65. Daymare

      66. Deep Inside

      67. Dissonance

      68. Earth Spirit

      69. Out Of Space

      70. Planet Earth

      71. Trance Sonata

      72. Two Rivers Land

      73. Sejn Fazah

      74. Silent Dreams

      75. Wheel Of Life


      76. A Long Time Ago

      77. A Signal From Somewhere

      78. Abnormal

      79. Another World

      80. Beyond This Planet

      81. Distortion In Society

      82. Don´t Be Affraid

      83. Very Annoying

1998 (2nd half)

      84. Access Granted

      85. Ascension

      86. Atmospherical Oxygene

      87. Everybody Dies

      88. Future Is Now

      89. Headshrinker

      90. Project Unknown

      91. Sainfoin

      92. Silent Touch

      93. To The Darkside

      94. Trance World

      95. World Of God

1998 (1st half)

      96. Age Of Emotion

      97. Alien Object

      98. Astral Spirits

      99. Final Outpost

      100. Fondatio

      101. Regretful

      102. Relaxing Time

      103. Sunset Skyline

      104. Teardrops From Heaven

      105. The Beat Goes On

      106. Transektor Teknologi

      107. Why?


      108. Eternity

      109. Illusion

      110. It's A Dream

      111. Life So Wonderful

      112. Mysterious

      113. Nature Breathe

      114. The Journey

      115. Uti Vår Hage